Adjust row height/padding in Page Designer block


Hi all –

The Page Designer block lets you display linked records in a table/matrix, bullet point list, or inline. The table view is particularly helpful as you can display multiple fields from each linked record. However it is greedy in terms of visual layout, with large cell margins. Is it possible to change the row height to reduce these margins?

There is a “line height” setting but that only controls space between text lines. The margin padding is still large, even when the “padding” is set to 0.




I think the best you can currently do is keep padding at 0 and drop line height to 0.9. Killing borders can squeeze another pixel or so per row (at the cost of decreased legibility).

You might want to try experimenting with fonts and font size. The algorithm determining margin appears strangely non-continuous, causing the relationship between font size and spacing to vary. (That is, some font sizes appear to make better use of the vertical space than others.)