Adjusting individual cell due date


Hi folks. I have a column that uses the following formula to calculate a due date:

DATEADD({Pub Date},-91,‘days’)

Essentially, the first draft is due 91 days before the publication date.

However, sometimes I’ll need to adjust that date for an individual row. I thought I could solve that by adding a “Date Adjust” column. The norm value for the date adjust column would be zero, but I could add a positive or negative number in as needed to push the date either earlier or later.

I’m just trying to figure out what the formula should be. Any ideas on how to incorporate the {Date Adjust} column in with the DATEADD?



    {Pub Date},
        {Date Adjust},
        {Date Adjust}-91,

That allows you to leave {Date Adjust} empty.


@W_Vann_Hall you are a lifesaver! Your formula worked PERFECTLY. Thanks so much!