Aggregating Quantities (Col. B) of Each Unique Item (in Col. A)


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I’m trying to use Airtable to summarize my Woocommerce daily data. Each row represents an order. In Column A I have the product name and in Col B I have the quantities purchased. Values in Column A often repeat themselves as different customers order the same products.

Now what I would like to do is to create a summary of the total quantities purchased of every unique product in Column A. Problem is – products keep getting added and I would like a formula that does not require me hard-coding CountIFs.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Any help / direction you can point me to would be most appreciated!

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If the product field is a Link to Another Record, you can have a separate table for “products”, and in your [Products] table you could have a Count field that counts the number of Orders linked to the product.