Airtable, Integromat and WebMerge


I posted yesterday about Zapier and Docupilot, but am now looking at Integromat and WebMerge as integromat seems to have better support for linked records.

This is essentially for an invoice output.

I have Table A that has all the relevent information for the invoice - most of it static, except for the products, which link to table B (product line items).

My current integromat steps are:

  1. Search specific view in Table A for records(returns 1 bundle per line item)
  2. Search Table B for records that match Linked Field in table A (returns x bundles per operation (each operation being a bundle returned in step 1) )
  3. Sends that information to webMerge document

Its all working successfully EXCEPT that it only pulls the first record found in step 2, and I can’t figure out how to loop it to display every bundle per operation in step 2 - I’m not sure if I need to add an extra step in integromat, or if I need to fix my formatting in webMerge

@Julian_Kirkness I’ve seen you reply to most threads that have helped me this far, so it might be something you can shed some light on?

If I figure it out before anyone responds I’ll be sure to share how I did it


Hi @Sarah_Chilby

I’m not that familiar with Integromat’s webMerge link but I would imagine that it needs the Invoice Lines grouped together as either csv type format or a table or something (maybe json even). If this is the case then you’ll need to use an Integromat Aggregator to collect all the values from Table B into a single value to pass forward to webMerge.

You may find the following blog post useful - it does something similar but creates the document using Integromat’s PDF module (which you could use I guess):

I’ve used a different database in this example but the principle is exactly the same - the important bit is where it shows you how to use the Text Aggregator.

By the way, this is a brand new site that I’ve created - please feel free to join!

Hope this helps


Thanks for the reply Julian. Went ahead and joined (enjoy my massive brain dump of a first post!)

I saw that article but I’ll take a bit more time to read through it and try to absorb the information better. Aggregators, array etc are all new territory for me so its taking a while for it to sink it properly.