Airtable to PowerBi Number Transfer


I currently have three Single Select columns from Airtable going into a PowerBi report. I noticed that my age column is numerically in order but my other two columns are not.

At first, the other two columns were number columns and the age column was a single select column. I have now updated the other two columns to be single select but this doesn’t fix my issue.

Somehow, PowerBi sees the 3 numbers coming in from Airtable as 10,4.5 even though Airtable is correct 4.5.10.

I have tried to add new columns in Airtable and start over in PowerBi but nothing has worked yet. Any thoughts?

The column in Airtable.
Airtable Column
This is the Customize menu for the column.
Airtable Number
PowerBi Number

Here is the correct Age column in both Airtable and PowerBi.
Airtable Age Column
Airtable Age Customize Correct Order
PowerBi Age Correct

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