Airtable to SQL Server via CDATA JSON ODBC Driver


I am SQL developer and I got request to pull data from Airtable. For that I am using Cdata JSON ODBC driver which uses Airtable API to fetch data from Airtable. I have setup everything and it is working as expected.

But the thing is it is only fetching 100 records. When I checked in Airtable it has 140 records. I changed the ODBC configuration which has default 100 rows max to 10000 rows. But it is still fetching only 100 records.

Can anyone please help me with the issue.


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If you have a look at the API documentation you will see that the pageSize (number of records returned in each request) is a max of 100. You will have to do multiple requests using the offset from the response to get the next set of 100 records:


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