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Hello! I’m an Airtable novice. I’m building a membership database for a therapy dog nonprofit. We send dogs (with their human handlers) to visit with people in hospitals, jails, nursing homes, etc. I’ve created a dogs table and a humans table. I’ve linked the dogs and their humans. How do I assign attributes to a team (consisting of a specific dog and a specific handler)? For example, we evaluate a dog-handler pair, or team, to make sure we can send them out safely. I’d like to record the date on which this team completed their evaluation. Thank you!

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You will need to create a 3rd table (known as a “join table” or a “junction table”). Each record in this junction table acts as the “intersection” of one dog and one human, so each record in this table would be linked to one dog and one human.

This is called a many-to-many relationship. Many-to-many relationships are described in more detail here:

Thank you. The junction table is perfect.

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