Auto Update linked columns


Is there a way to automatically copy values from one column into a linked column? Could I achieve this by having a formula in the linked column that copies data?

Multiselect in linked record field without going back and clicking ADD again

There’s no way to automate this as far as I know, but you can take a single-line text column and convert its contents into a linked record field (watch the video under “Linking Existing Tables of Related Records” in this support article). So maybe you could intermittently convert the linked record column into a single-line text field, copy and paste the text values you’d like to convert over that column, and then reconvert the column into a linked record column? I don’t think this would be the convenient solution that you’re looking for, unfortunately. I’ll pass on your feedback to the team.


I am able to achieve that with out changing the column type, I just copy the records over every so often. Thanks for the response.


I am also interested in auto updating information in table, but I’m specifically interested in auto updating one table into a different table in the same base. Has anyone figured out a solution?


Just bumping this! Really hope Airtable takes notice.

It could be as simple as creating parsing in the function codes.

I was having the same issue because when updating records from my frontend program, you cant update linked fields. So this was a workaround for that original problem for me.