Automatically add all records to linked table?



I have seen similar requests posted on this forum for things like a “dashboard” view of data from various tables but some of the solutions are not well documented, so I am asking this question again.

I have 3 tables:

Proceeds, Expenses and Income

On the proceeds table I have aprons and cookbooks which are currency columns that - of course - give me a total sum on each column.

On the expenses table I have a misc. column (currency) which gives me a total sum at the bottom.

On the income table, I am building a dashboard so that I can see the total cost of my expenses from the expenses table and the total sum of my proceeds from my proceeds table. I then want to simply have a formula column that subtracts the two so that I have a snapshot of what my income is currently. The way that I have achieved this so far is to create a link to all records on the income table in both proceeds and expenses. Every time I add an expense or proceed record in one of those tables, I simply populate the row with the single record in the Income table (the single record is two roll-up columns - Proceeds, Expenses and a formula column Income (which is Proceeds - expenses)).

My questions are - Is there a simpler way to achieve this? (I was hoping I could created 3 forumla columns that used the sums from the other tables, but I don’t think this is possible with Airtable today)

If this is the only way to achieve this solution, is there a way to automatically add the Income linked record to every row of the Proceeds and Expenses tables so that I don’t have to manually add it every time?