Automatically create tasks when a record in another table is created

The records in one of our main tables are legal cases. Each case has the same set of tasks that need to be done to it. When we create a new case record, we want to automatically create the appropriate set of tasks in a task table and have them connected to the new case. Can we do this? If so, how?


You cannot automatically create the related records. However, with the Script block, you can write a script so that the records will be created with one click of a button.

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While subtasks can’t be generated automatically for new projects, you can closely approximate such automation through the following (admittedly involved) technique:

First, you’ll want to be sure you have a Projects table set up where the primary field shows the name of your project, and a separate Tasks table linked to the Projects table.

Then, in your Projects table, create a multiple select field for the standard set tasks associated with each type of project. Your Project table would then look something like this:

Next, you’ll need to create a formula field, which will create unique Project/Task pairs that then can be copied over to a linked record field to create these tasks in your other table. In your formula field, use the following formula (replacing “tasks” and “Name” with the names of your tasks and projects fields, respectively):

SUBSTITUTE(", “&tasks,”, “,”, “&Name&” - ")

With that, you’ll just need to create a linked record field that links to your Tasks table, if it doesn’t exist already. Then you’ll be able to copy/paste the computed values in your formula field over to the linked record field to create the set of tasks associated with your project. You can also do this with the fill handle:

Hope this is a bit helpful.

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