Automatically fill second table with bits of information from another table?


I am fairly new to airtable and have a complex case: I am working for a membership based organization. We have a database that includes our member organizations (corporate constituents). This table is created so that it can be turned into a form. It asks for the member to list concrete people who are at the company in charge of different engagement with us (i.e. a social media person, a finance person etc.)
In the same base, in a second tab we would like to keep track of all the individual constituents (people who are working at the corporate constituents).

Is there a way that I can automatically fill the second table (see sample below) with the submission of information into the first table without manually copy-pasting everyone in?

airtable. com/shrItQNKGepBIamCS

Please help! Thanks so so much!
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If you want to do it all in Airtable, then you’d have to create another form for the people submissions

Then after creating the company, on the thank your page, you can provide a link to the form for the people to be associated with this new company.

For more advanced than that, you’d need to use an external service like Zapier.

We also launched a sophisticated form solution that can handle more complex scenarios like that. You can check it out here:

Hi @Yasmin_Hilpert - I don’t think there is a way to do what you ask in Airtable directly although you could use something like Zapier, perhaps, push new data in one table into another.

However, more generally, I would recommend that you don’t attach the people data (as a series of fields in the member column), but keep them wholly separate in a “people” table, linking back to the “member org” table. If you then want to look at data from both tables for a given record at the same time, you can use the page designer block (if you have access to a premium plan) to present the data as you need it. Simplified example below:

You could have forms on the member table and the people table for member orgs to add data. Multiple people per member org does mean multiple form submissions (which might be viewed as a negative), but I think it would keep the data in better shape for you, both to view now and to modify the structure of in the future.