Automatically linking a record from a different table


I’ve seen this question asked but not answered, so here’s my try at it.

I am emailing over 300 authors an update to a contract and collecting their e-signatures. I made an airtable form for this (e-sig as a check box). I would like my “Authors” profile table to update automatically as responses roll in from the form. I didn’t include a dropdown linked to “Authors” because I don’t want everyone to see who else is enrolled. But otherwise, I have to manually link each new record to the ‘authors’ table. Is there a way to use a unique ID (their email) to automatically link the record? Screenshot:

I then have the Authors table pulling from the Agreement Responses. Essentially, I want to be able to quickly determine who has signed the contract and who hasn’t.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!



This can be done - but not with Airtable on its own.

What I have done in this type of situation is to use Zapier (triggered by a new record in the table the Form populates which should be a different table) to search for a matching record in the main table and then either update the main table with the result of the form (the e-signature) or update a Link field in the table the ‘signature’ is captured in to the main table.

The advantage of the latter is that you can hold a history of the responses if you need to go through another similar exercise.

To do this requires a paid Zapier account because the Zaps require more than 2 steps.

Hope this helps.