Base deleted can i restore it

Hello i accidentally deleted a base in my pro workspace. Is it possible to restore it? It was very important. With about 7000 Records of manual data in there.

I am waiting for you answer.
Best Regards

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Hi @Max_Bogdan

Try contacting Airtable support. You can send a chat message through the Airtable app. It’s on the drop down menu in the upper left corner, click there and I believe one of the options is something like contact support or Airtable. Just leave a message and they will contact you, both by email and by chat.

Hope this helps

Mary K

Hi @Max_Bogdan, we can sometimes restore a base that has been recently deleted within the past couple of days - please write in to us in-app or at as soon as possible so we can check on that for you.

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Thank you very much.

Hello @Jason ,
I too accidentally deleted a VERY important base while using the mobile app. I need to restore it ASAP and am very concerned about losing my data!
I have reached out to support via email and twitter but haven’t heard back.
Pleas please help!

Hi @Cameron_Ehrlich

It would be best to contact Airtable support directly, using the options that Jason suggested.

Since this is a community forum and for this situation you need Airtable company to help you. You should contact them as sopn as possible, so that they can help you.

Mary Kay