Best equivalent to Excel's filter options?


Pretty new here so forgive me if this is an obvious question!

In Excel, I have the option to filter a column to show a certain subset of entries - e.g. I can click on the filter button on the column header, and view checkboxes for every single type of entry in that column. (e.g. if the column is full of Apple, Orange, Kiwi, etc., I could select to see only the records with Apple OR Orange in that column).

In Airtable, this seems much less intuitive - I can manually type in filters, but a) typing each entry is slower than simply going down the dropdown / checkbox list and selecting which values I want to display, and b) forces me to manually remember or find I might want to filter for, instead of having a list presented to me. Additionally, if I want to filter multiple columns this way, the whole AND/OR filter list becomes confusing to work with.

(e.g. am I filtering for:
(Column A is Apple OR Column A is Orange) AND Column B is Aeroplane
Column A is Apple OR (Column A is Orange AND Column B is Aeroplane)
? This isn’t made immediately clear by the UI).

So, what should I do here?

I have tried the groups functionality too, but this doesn’t automatically exclude the data I don’t want to see, so it’s not really a neat solution.

Is there something more directly analogous to Excel’s very intuitive filtering dropdown options?