[BUG] Field Name with "@" will render all formulas fields useless

I can’t open my formula field. Every time I double-click on the field name, it just pops up a banner saying “An error has occurred” and forces me to refresh the page.

This happened to my base after the formula formatting update today. Strangely this only happens to one table in my base. Other tables are working fine. I attached a video recording of my screen below.

Any help will be much appreciated!
Thanks guys.


Strange enough, one of these formulas fields are still openable. Other fields remain unaccessible.
Screen Recording

Be sure to send an email to support@airtable.com about this.

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Update: Turn out this is a BUG. If you have a field name contains “@”, it will render all formulas fields in that table useless and can’t be opened excepts that “@” field name.

This bug must be caused by the new formula formatting.

Remove “@” in the field name will solve the problem for now.

@field name BUG - ScreenRecording

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Thanks for sharing this. Strangely, I’ve just encountered this myself and submitted a ticket about the same. This only started happening today.


Also, thanks for letting us know about the bug being with the “@” field. This is concerning as I have several (client) bases where I’ve used “@” field names to indicate that those are fields for some backend functionality and not necessarily for my clients to tamper with (plus they’re always hidden). I’m worried if I have to go back and update/create a formula for any of those bases, I’ll start getting an error because I have loads of “@” fields. Sigh.

Hey @Burner , If you have 2+ field names with “@” under the same table, you WON’T be able to open and change their names and remove “@”, unfortunately… My solution for now is…to delete all fields with @ until there is only 1 field with @ left, which I know is not a solution for a lot of people.
Lucky for me I only have 2 fields with @. Hopefully Airtable will resolve this soon.

Thanks, @Son_Nguyen . Unfortunately the problem is a bit more than that for me.The hard part is not that I’m unable to change more than 2+ field names with @ – because I am. I have several fields with @ (like 10 or so). After struggling to try and rename them – because each I double-click the field title, I get the refresh error – I realized that I could simply right-click the field title and rename the field (this time with an underscore). The problem is that all the other formula fields that were using these “@” fields as arguments have all broken down because they’re now referring to unknown fields e.g. {column_jhuYHHGYT65JG}. So now I have to try and rebuild all those formulas figuring out which argument was being referenced.

This is really disappointing. I hope I’m doing something wrong here and that there’s an easier way to do this or that Airtable fixes this bug soon. But the thought of having to first rename all my @ fields and then rebuild all my formulas is extremely worrying.

That’s frustrating. I do think they will quickly fix this as this is really critical. I don’t think rebuilding formulas is a good idea :frowning: Let’s wait and see. (Thank you for the renaming workaround!)

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same problem since this morning…

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