Bullet at start of arrayjoin

I’m using a rollup with ARRAYJOIN(values,"\n • ")

Which is giving me this result

Item 1
• Item 2
• Item 3

I want this result
• Item 1
• Item 2
• Item 3

How do I create a formula that puts a bullet on first item?

This will kind of do what you’re describing:
"• " & ARRAYJOIN(values,"\n• ")

But it’ll display that first • even if no records were linked - so it’s not the cleanest solution.

ARRAYJOIN isn’t really intended for bullet points. It’s meant to create comma separated lists and the like.

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To avoid an extra bullet if there are no records, put the initial bullet in an IF statement:

IF(COUNTA(values) >= 1, "• ") & ARRAYJOIN(values,"\n• ")

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