Can Airtable solve my conundrum?


Hello, fairly new and “basic” user here with a conundrum I have a base with Companies, Investment Levels, Contacts, Events, Sponsorships, Benefits and Sponsorship Details.
A company could be in one or more investment levels, sponsor one or more events, and have multiple Benefits. I’ve been building these using the linked tables, junction tables and views, which seems to work well until I come to the next part. I need to track how many of a particular benefit a company has, and how many they have used for the year. For instance Company A has 6 Social Media Shoutouts per year, Company B has 4, Company C has 6 also and Companies D, E, F, G all have 2 per year. Any suggestions on how I can track these and their quantity used so far? I have linked tables that show the data, but not in the “individualized” way. Any thoughts?



do you link the Companies table and the Benefits table in anyway?

Assuming that each ‘Benefit’ is a unique record, are you adding(linking) companies to each benefit when you create the benefit record?

If so, there should be an auto generated corresponding Field in the Companies table, from which you could perform an COUNT() Field on the linked records field to get a total.

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