Can I create formula fields on the ios app?

I’ve been trying but it seems like it’s not possible.

Hi @Alex_Olszewski

The iOS version does not have all the same field types as the desktop version. The formula is one of functions that is only available on the desktop version.


Is there any chance formula fields will be included on the iOS version in the future?

Hi @Javier_Pascual

I have not heard anything. If you want to know for sure, one way or another, you can email Airtable Support: and you can also create a post with your suggestions, here on the forum. This way others can add posts to the same suggestion. Just select “Product Suggestion” tag/option.

Hope this helps.


If this helps with a solution, although it may not be exactly what you are looking for, can you check “Solution” for the post that solved the issue.

Thank you!

@Javier_Pascual: The only 100% fully-featured version of Airtable is the web version that is available on desktop & laptop web browsers.

Mobile web browsers will not work with Airtable, and the mobile app is not fully-featured.

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