Can I put an "add a new record button" into a form to populate a row in my Customer table

Courier/delivery company. I set up a base with three tables - one for customers, one for drivers, and one for a dispatch log.

We’re developing a form for the dispatcher to call up and enter info about a new pickup/delivery. We linked the customer field in the form to pull a current customer from the customer table and sync the new order info to the dispatch log table.

However, is there a way to have the form Add a New customer (first time caller) and have it populate a new row in the Customer table? I guess that would mean creating a field in the form that sent info to the Customer table AND the Dispatch log? There are several fields in the Dispatch log that sync with fields in the Customer table. I’m not sure how to set this up to coordinate all tables with the form info.

Thanks for any advice!

You can add a new customer using this extension. It allows you to create a new linked record in the form.

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