Can you link between records inside a gallery view?

In the preview when I’m making the gallery view, I can open up items linked in a section (e.g. Games made by the developer) and it goes to the corresponding record so you can see details (Like where to buy the game, image of the box art etc) but when I export it to view on the web, it’s not interactive any more.

You can just open the gallery view for the developer, but the games just show as a list of text entries, and don’t link to the relevant games. Is this something you can do? I wanted to create an app and website where people can click through to see the details of games people have made…

See the image for an example of what I want to happen, and how it shows on the website…

How the app works in the preview when setting up the gallery view

Website view

No, this is not possible in Airtable. You’re talking about a shared view, which does not offer that functionality.

You may want to see if external portal services can do that for you. You may want to check out MiniExtensions, Glide, Softr, and Stacker to see if they offer what you need.

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