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Hello. I’ve only been using AirTable for a few weeks now so bare with me. I am setting up a grid that has certain dates entered along with other information for law cases. If I put a date into one cell, can 2 the other date entry cells automatically fill in with futures dates based on the first date that is entered.

For example, if I enter in 9/1/2020 in one cell, can the next date cell automatically fill in with a date 6 months in the future and then based off that 2nd date, have a third cell fill in with a date 10 days later?

I’m sure there is a formula perhaps but I’m unaware after doing some searching.

Thank you very much for your time.

Yes, you can create 2 different formula fields to help you with that.

For your purposes, you would use the DATEADD function like this:

6 months later:
DATEADD({Your Date Field},6,'months')

10 days later:
DATEADD({Your Date Field},10,'days')

You’ll also find the full list of formula functions on the Formula Field Reference page.

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Thank you ScottWorld. I will try that in my cells.

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