Clarity around Blocks API rate limit


I’m reading documentation here on the rate limits for the Blocks API and I’d like some clarity around these two statements:

Batch methods ( updateRecordsAsync , createRecordsAsync , deleteRecordsAsync ) may only update/create/delete up to 50 records in one call.

Additionally, writes are rate-limited (maximum of 15 writes per second). Your app will crash if this limit is exceeded.

Two questions:

  1. What is a “write”? Does calling a batch method count as 1 write?

  2. Assuming that a batch method counts as a single write, does this mean that it’s possible to update 750 records a second (15 batch methods a second * 50 records per full batch) via the Blocks API

Many thanks

Hi @Eugene_Kim,

A write (in the context of 15 writes/second) refers to a single function call, e.g. updateRecordsAsync. A batch method still counts as a single write.

Correct, this would be the upper limit.

Great, thanks for the quick reply @Billy_Littlefield !

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