Collaborator as Primary Field?

Here is my problem :

In my “people” table, I want to display a count of “meeting” records created by each collaborator.
In my “meeting” table, I created a “created by” column that automatically sets itself to the creator of each new record. It is important that this information cannot be manually overwritten, this is why I chose “collaborator” field type instead of directly linking it to my “people” table since links can be changed by every user.
Now I need to link both tables so I can create a “count” column in my “people” table to count the number of meetings created by each collaborator. In a nutshell, I need the link between those two tables to be automatically set through the creator of each record in the “meetings” table.

The problem is that there is no way to set a “Collaborator” type in the Primary Field of my “people” table.

Do you have any suggestion that could work around it ?
Hope I am clear enough

While you cannot set the Primary Field to be a collaborator directly, you can set up the Primary Field as a formula field, then set the formula field to get its value from the “created by” column.

On the other hand, this will not automatically link records. You will still have to create the links manually, through an integration such as Zapier, or with a script.

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Using a formula in the primary field will be the best way to have the collaborator name in the primary field. Take a look at this article for more information on how to complete this.

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