Collecting Multiple Fields Into One Record


Hi all, first time posting and brand new to Airtable. And I’ve ALREADY got a problem, sheesh.

I’m creating a Pre-Registered Attendees Lookup form. (Basically, you can search for someone who’s pre-registered by First Name, Last Name, Email, or Order #.)

When they find the attendee, I want it to pop up with any merchandise they’ve pre-purchased as well.

Merchandise is pulled from an exported CSV file made by our event registration website. The merch is “attached” by Order #, but show up as multiple rows if the type of merch is different (ie Large Shirt, Small Shirt)

Here’s basically the raw data I’d get from our website’s export:

As you can see, John Doe has 2 Medium Shirts.
Lemony Snicket has 1 X-Large Shirt.
Avery Parson has two entries-- both with the same Order #, and two different items (1 Medium Shirt and 1 X-Large Shirt)

How can I make it so that whenever an entry with that Order # comes up, it shows all items and the quantities of each item?

So when I search “Avery Parson” and select their entry, it will have their info, and then in the Merch section display Medium Shirt x 1 and X-Large Shirt x 1

So ideally:

First Name: Avery
Last Name: Parson
Order #: 660548185
Ticket Type: 3-Day

Merch | Quantity
Medium Shirt | 1
X-Large Shirt | 1

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(Obviously cleaner in the final but you get the drift)

Thanks for any help!


Had a similar problem with multiple SKUs in one order. So far, invented no better solution than simply grouping the records by the order_id field. What I like about grouping in Airtable is that you can have it nested — say first, I group by shipping country and then group further by order_id. This way, I know how much stock I will need per country, and can then look into what items each order contains.

Hope this helps.