Combining two formulas

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After searching here I have successfully created formulas to manipulate an email field and now I want to know if those formulas can be combined so I only need one extra field.

I get email addresses like this …

and I want to end up with JUST the domain and with the “student” and “students” part stripped out (e.g., or frsa,

I can end up with the domain by using this …

RIGHT(email, SUM(LEN(email), -FIND("@", email)))

And I can get rid of the “student” and “students” by using this …


Is there anyway of joining these two so that I only have one field? I tried the “&” but I just end up with two domains.

Many thanks! And thanks to those who post here so that I was even able to get this far.

You can definitely do this. Just replace the field {email} in your second formula with the entirety of your first formula (in the below example I removed the SUM() function as you can get to the same result without it.

SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(RIGHT({email}, LEN({email}) - FIND("@", {email})), "students.", ""), "student.", "")

Hope this helps!


That is GREAT. Thanks you so, so much. Of course I should have realised that it is replacing what you want replaced.

So much appreciate all the knowledge and willingness to share it here.


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