Combining Two "IF" Nested Formulas, Not stopping to read



I have product titles which are generated by combining quantity per set, color, and finish.
So far, I have managed to write an IF nested formula for the color & finish scenarios:

{IDENTITY_Parent Product Name}&IF(OPTION_Color=BLANK(), ‘, ‘&OPTION_Finish&’ Finish’, IF(OPTION_Finish, ‘, ‘&OPTION_Color&’, ‘&OPTION_Finish&’ Finish’, IF(OPTION_Color, ', '&OPTION_Color)))

However, I would like to add a scenario at the beginning, that IF the “SET OF” field is >1, it will then write ‘Set Of {Set of}’ right after the {IDENTITY_Parent Product Name}.

For that part, I wrote the following:

IF({FEATURES_QTY Per SKU}>1, {IDENTITY_Parent Product Name}&’, Set Of '&{FEATURES_QTY Per SKU}

The challenge I am having is that any way I tried to combine either I would get an error, or it would stop reading if it found the Set Of >1, whereas I want the formula to not stop reading there but continue on and apply the rest of it to have a result where we could read:

Moxy Sheets, Set Of Two, Blue, Satin Finish
Moxy Sheets, Blue, Satin Finish



Try the following:

{IDENTITY_Parent Product Name} & IF({FEATURES_QTY Per SKU} > 1, ", Set Of " & {FEATURES_QTY Per SKU}, "") & IF(Option_Color = BLANK(), ", " & Option_Finish & " Finish", IF(Option_Finish, ", " & Option_Color & ", " & Option_Finish & " Finish", IF(Option_Color, ", "& Option_Color)))
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Hi Neads, this is great! Thank you SO much!!

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