Compare 2 bases

I have been massaging data in one base. I thought I had done it right, but now find that I missed something.
I want to compare the original base version with the bad one to identify my errors.

Guessing you’re looking for snapshots? Record-level revisions are recorded as well.

Good to know about snapshots. I duplicated my base just to be safe. Then I screwed up the original. I was seeking to identify the records and fields that I’d messed up.

Since there were thankfully only 59 records, I created 2 views with only the 3 fields I needed, then opened a second browser window so they could appear side by side. EZ matching and copying/pasting from good to bad.

Nice - glad you were able to address it. As needed, you can also add fields like ‘last modified time’ and ‘last modified by’ for debugging mishaps like that, then further inspect with record-level revision histories if necessary.

I did discover the last modified data type, which was most helpful. Many Thx

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