Conditional Form by Read only linked fields

Hi everyone i need help on a form View.
I’m trying to build a form with field conditionned by read only field.
But the form don’t (White page) when i put the following condition (when i delete the condition, it appears !) ! 1|700x374
Have you seen something like this before ?
Thx !!


Hi @Paul_de_Leiris and welcome to the community!

You can’t add non input fields (eg lookups, formula fields, …) in a form. This has been a request on this forum since 2016 I noticed.

Hi Data baser ! Thx !

Here some more infos :

The form i want to make is :

1/ Ask people to chosse their name in a list

2/ Let them choose in 4 other fields to meet someone from a linked field.

  • But these 4 fields need to be conditionned respectively by an another linked view. (meetin1, meeting 2, meeting 3, meeting 4) If this one is empty → then the field will appear, if it’s not empty, the user already have a meeting with someone…so it doesn’t have to appear…

More infos :

I have a table « meeting résume » in wich i have records (one record / one collaborator).

For each record there are fields named « meeting 1, meeting 2, …3 … & 4 »

My form is based on « available people » table. → i use look up from meeting resume

Heres how i want to make it :

I choose my name → from linked view of meeting resume → it report the 4 fields « meeting 1, meeting 2, …3 … & 4 » → read only

If this field (meeting 1 read only) is empty, then my collaborator will see m(x)availablecollab(x) field in the form and can choose one to meet in the list.

If the meeting1 it’s not empty → he already have someone to meet on this slot so it doesn’t have to appears.

But when i use « show field only when the « meeting1 » (read only) is empty on my « m2availablecollab2 » → the opened form result on a blank page. When i turn off the condition, my form appears….

I hope i’m clear…. Not easy to explain.

Thx for your help i twill be very precious if it’s gonna work…

Hmm, not easy by just reading it, but couldn’t you work with a seperate view that has all your filters and conditions and limit your 4 questions (meetin 1, …) to a selection from that view?


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