Conditional Rollup Max Date

Hi friends,

I’m hoping someone can help troubleshoot why a conditional rollup is returning a zero “0” value.

Table 1 has a list of vehicles.

Table 2 records all certification renewals. There’s about a dozen different certifications required per vehicle, with varying expiry dates.

I have a linked field in Table 2 connecting each certification expiry with a specific vehicle in Table 1.
I have a helper column in Table 2 that filters the date for a specific certification type.

I’m trying to run a Conditional Rollup in Table 1, that returns the MAX(values) from the helper column in Table 2.

But it’s returning a zero “0” figure.

Any pointers would be appreciated. :wink:

What does that Formula? Is it formatted as Date?

If you add a Rollup to the Vehicles table, using a Date field, it should just work.

Hi Elias,
Below is a screenshot of the Formula. Airtable isn’t seeing it as a date (which might be the issue). The source field {Date Next Expiry] is simply a Date field in European time formatting.

You are not rolling dates because of the ‘NA’ part (I think the result is text), so you can’t get the nearest date. You have to delete that part, whatever you do with that text you can do with just ‘blank’.

Elias, you’re a star. Thank you. Spot on.

The FALSE statement (as a text option, “NA”) was throwing the formatting.

It now works perfectly and reads as:
IF({Certifications}="SLP",{Date Next Expiry},BLANK())

Thank you.

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