Convert minutes past the hour to a fraction

I’ve got a datetime field called Start time (UTC)

I want to take the time component and reformat the minutes into a fraction.
For example:

Source Desired output
14:00 14
14:15 14.25
14:30 14.5
14:55 14.92

I have tried taking the minute component and conditionally dividing it by 60 to at least get started (before I sort out rounding etc), but I just get #ERROR. Here’s my formula:

IF(DATETIME_FORMAT({Start time (UTC)},'m')=0,"",(DATETIME_FORMAT({Start time (UTC)},'m')/60))

Hi there!

I think you’re running into issues because DATETIME_FORMAT() returns a string. You can convert the value to a number by wrapping it in the VALUE() formula.

Try this:

IF({Start Time (UTC)}, VALUE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Start Time (UTC)}, 'm'))/60)

You’ll also want to make sure your formula field is formatted as a number with decimals (after you set the formula), or else you’ll only return integers. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just realized this only solves half of the problem. Will update with more!

The following should yield the hours as well a decimal value for the minutes :slight_smile:

IF({Start Time (UTC)}, SUM(VALUE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Start Time (UTC)}, 'h')), VALUE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Start Time (UTC)},'m'))/60))

This is great, thank you - VALUE was what I needed.

This is the formula I ended up with :

DATETIME_FORMAT({Start time (UTC)},'H') & IF(VALUE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Start time (UTC)},'m'))/60=0,'', SUBSTITUTE(VALUE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Start time (UTC)},'m'))/60&"",'0',''))

You can also directly get the numbers of hours and minutes (without having to use DATETIME_FORMAT or VALUE, by using the HOUR() and
MINUTE() functions. They are documented in the formula field reference.

HOUR({Start time (UTC)} + (MINUTE({Start time (UTC)}) / 60)

This will result in a number (instead of a string) and you can use field formatting to adjust the number of decimal places.


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