Converting text to checkbox

Is it possible to convert textual data within a column as you change the field type from single line text to checkbox. I’ve uploaded a pre-existing spreadsheet that contained the text “complete” to show the status of processing. I would like to convert the field to checkbox and therefore, convert any data marked complete to a checkbox.

Welcome to the Airtable community.

If you convert a single line text field to a checkbox, Airtable will try to determine if the checkbox is selected based on the text.

The following text will convert to :heavy_check_mark::

  • 1
  • true
  • yes
  • checked

The following will convert to unchecked:

  • 0
  • false
  • no
  • blank
  • random text

If you want to use a different method for having a check box selected I recommend you take a multi-step process:

  1. Create a formula field that examines the existing text field and converts it to one of the above values. For example,
    IF({text field name} = "complete", 1)

  2. Convert the formula field to a checkbox field.

  3. Delete the original text field (if desired).


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