Converting text to date


Hi all, i have a field with a text like this " 1 april".
Can it be converted into 01/04 plus current year?
ty all


Try this

   {Day-Month Field},
      {Day-Month Field} & " " & YEAR(TODAY()),
      'D MMMM YYYY'

The date in this field will change when the year changes, such that it always shows the current year (ie, right now it will show 2018 in every field, but in 12 days, it will start to show 2019 in every field). Not sure if that’s what you wanted or not.


ok i will try your formula.
Thank you


it quite works, i mean, i’m italian and in that field, called “data” the text is ‘22 ottobre’ that means ’ 22 october’. Ok with eng months works, with ita ones no… damn i had to do a conversion…


You can specifiy a locale when using DATETIME_PARSE, which should handle non-US date formats. According to the documentation for SET-LOCALE, adding "it" as the final argument should do the trick.


thank you Martin, now it works as intended, i’ve just one thing more to solve,
can i set an auto sort for the table based on a field?
I’ve seen that sort is possible, but every time i add a record i have to manually sort again.
I hope i’ve explained well.


Robert, this is not currently available in Airtable, but I can tell you that auto-sort is currently being beta-tested. It works well, and is an optional setting. I have not experienced any problems with it in beta testing, so I anticipate that they will probably roll it out at some point in the future.

However, that’s not a guarantee – beta features are never guaranteed. It could be that they decide to scrap the feature.

In the meantime, and in the case that they choose to scrap the feature, a way to quickly reapply your sorting rule after adding a new record is to press ctrl/⌘ + shift + S and then quickly hit enter. This opens the Sort menu where your sort rules are defined, and when it opens the “Apply” button will be highlighted/selected, so hitting enter will apply your sorting rules fresh.


Thank you Jeremy but is not useful in my case, you see i’m using airtable as a base in which i add records by voice from alexa using Voiceflow Creator. I dont have a keyboard.
I hope that this feature will be released soon.


Hi @Roberto_Ceccherini

You could achieve this using either Zapier or Integromat (the latter is probably less expensive and also more powerful in many ways).

The only downside is that the values wouldn’t update immediately - how often these processes run depends on your licence level. You could test it out with a free Integromat subscription though.

I hope this helps!


hi Julian, i don’t know is this can help cause i don’t know Zapier or Integromat, are something similar to airtable? are integrations of airtable?