Copying a record from one airtable to another


Hi. Is it possible to copy a row in a table to another table? I need to do this, effectively moving completed items to a file that accumulates the completed tasks. Any way to do that? Thanks!


Why a SEPARATE table is a must for you? Maybe you can set up a simple “task completed (yes/no)” field to cover the same purpose?


… and then use filtered views to show you Outstanding or Completed items as required.

However, it IS possible to copy records from one table (and even another base) if you want - but you would need to use something like Zapier to do it (although I don’t believe you would be able to delete the original record with Zapier).


I’m sure there will be cases that copying/moving records would be necessary. I was thinking @Jeffrey_Needle might be using a form view that links to this airtable. Hence, he wants to remove tasks that are already done, otherwise, his form would have a very long dropdown populated by completed tasks.