Count number of children in a family

Hi, I am still an Airtable newbie. We are trying to set up a database of families receiving food from our NGO. I have one table set up for the families (with information like their address, intake records, etc), and one for the records of each individual (with information like birthdate, school reports, gender, etc). I have managed to get column showing the number of individuals in each family (on the family table) and one showing which individuals are children (on the individuals table).

Is there a way to get a column on the family table that gives the number of children (under 18s) in each family? (something like a combination of a count and formula field).

You want a Conditional Count field. For your count field, set the condition to only count records where the age of the child is under 18. You may need to create a formula field for the age of the child.

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It worked! Thanks so much!

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