Counting Days Lapsed since Date Field


I am a complete newbie finding my way around. I have created a base to track work tasks, and want to create a field that will show the number of days that have passed since my task was issued.

I have a “created time” field, but am unsure what to put in the other field to show the number of days passed since the created time…

Hope this makes sense!


Count lapsed days from a manually entered date field for an issues tracker

You have a couple of options.

I’m assuming your TaskIssuedDate field is a formula field with a formula of CREATED_TIME(). If so, then your ElapsedDays field would also be a formula field, this time with a formula of TONOW(TaskIssuedDate). This will display the current number of days since the record was created.

If you don’t need to store TaskIssuedDate explicitly, and you can safely assume the date the record was created is also the date the task was assigned, you can simplify things a bit by changing the formula for ElapsedDays to TONOW(CREATED_TIME()).

Note: TONOW() returns a string consiting of a numeric representation of the days elapsed concatenated with " days" – for instance, “12 days”. string representing a ‘friendly’ presentation of the amount of time pending or elapsed: e.g., “12 days”, “1 month”.


Thank you! The TONOW(CREATED_TIME()) worked exactly as I had been hoping for.