Create a new record daily?

Hey guys,

I’d like to have a descending list of dates, with today automatically being created as the top record each day. The only avenue I found was a Zapier integration that didn’t work. I’m wondering how to do it

Thank you in advance!
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Hi Greyson

Another possibility is to use ifttt where date and time is the trigger and it creates a new record in airtable. Does it need to be populated with anything?

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Hey @Jonathan_Letts1, I’ve connected Airtable to IFTTT but I don’t see any Date/Time > Record Recipes.

If possible, I’d like to populate a date field with today’s date and a day of the week text or singleselect (Wednesday) field.

Thank you

This one is a template you could work from! And iff should allow you to also create a day of week. You might need to make 7 of them though…

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