Create an automatic email for noticing 15 days in advance that my project is about to end


we have a calendar of several exhibitions that ends at different dates. I would like to create
an automatic email that will be sent to us 15 days in advance before the target date so we can reach out our client and ask if he want to renew the experience or not before its too late.

I have downloaded Integromat but i don’t know the right formula to write…

Many thanks

Hi @Artbangbang - I tend you use Zapier for this sort of thing (same as Integromat). I’ll show you the Zapier way, as I’m more familiar with it, but you can do a similar thing in the Integromat.

If this is you exhibitions table:

create a new view on this table:

using this filter:

Now, in Zapier, have a Zap which is:

New record in Airtable view -> Send email by Zapier:

  • Next, choose Email by Zapier component:

  • Finally, set up your email template:

Now, when an exhibition record moves into the “15 day” view as its end date is “after today, but within 15 days”, the Zap will trigger and the email will be sent.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for your reply! It gives us a better idea! The only problem is that you have to pay Zapier and we don’t have the budget for it. I think Integromat is free tho?

Thanks for proposing to do it but as we said above we don’t have the budget to allow it…

Many thanks,


Hi @Artbangbang - you can implement this on the free Zapier plan as long as you stay within the limits (it is only a 2-step Zap):

That said, if you have other things on Integromat already, maybe best to stick with that.


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