Create field showing total rows in another table?

I would like to create a cell for a project page that summarizes the total number of open subtasks which are stored in a separate table in the same base named for the project. For example main page “projects” with a row “o365 migration” one of the cells on this row is “subtasks” another table called “o365” with multiple rows with individual tasks. Not every row would have subtasks, just major projects. Ideally it would only count rows not marked as complete. Is something like this possible?

Hi @Craig_Mohr - in your tasks table you can create a “counter” of not completed tasks:

This uses the formula:

IF(Completed, 0, 1)

Then back on your projects table sum up this column with a rollup field:


Thanks this helps. I’ll have to look at the rollup field and see how it works. Is it possible rather than list all the tasks to instead just give a count of the number of tasks?

@Craig_Mohr, yes, try this:

On the tasks table, create a formula field with formula:

IF(NOT(Completed), Name)

Then on the Projects table, look up this field:

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