Creating a Master Case Study and Resume Database

I tried searching the forum but could not find what I am attempting to do.

My objective is to create a Case Study and Employee Resume master database.

My goal is to be able to select an employee, select a project that the employee worked on, and then receive an output that shows that employees resume description for that project. I’m stuck on how to achieve this in Airtable.

Here are my tables so far:

Case Studies
Project Name
Client Name
Employees that Worked on the Project
Description of Project
Role Firm Played

Client Name
Projects (linked)
Main Contact

Employee Name
Projects Employee Worked On (Linked)

I’m not certain how to get to the next step. Where should I store the employee’s project description when I have 65 employees? Can I do conditional formatting to be able to select what I want?

Any help would be greatly appreciate.

Welcome to the community, @Andrew_Hernandez!

You need to create another table, known as a “join table” or a “junction table”, that links to both your Employee table and your Case Studies table.

This new table acts as the intersection between Employees and Case Studies.

Each record in this table is linked to one unique employee & one unique case study — so you will have TWO linked record fields in this table. One field links to an employee, and the other field links to a case study.

It is here, within this join table, where you can type up notes for each “intersection” of employee & case study.

Hope this helps! If this answers your question, could you please mark this comment as the solution to your question? This will help other people who have a similar question. :slight_smile:

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