Creating Invoices from Airtable records


In a two table base (one client, many jobs), how can I create an invoice, using data from one or more records in jobs, and the customer information in clients?

Since there’s no customizable form in Airtable, I assume the best way would be to utilise an API to send the data to an external accounting programme, such as . I imagine others have come up with some solutions and would love to hear them.

How about an example or templet that includes basic invoicing

Hi James

You can certainly link Airtable with Quickbooks Online using Zapier - and this link allows you to search for or create clients and also create invoices. I haven’t actually built the Zap in it’s entirety yet but I think I will now I know it’s possible!

I assume Zapier have links to other accounting programs as well - Xero is on the list for Zapier but I can’t check it our because I don’t have an account.



Thanks Julian - I setup a trial account with Quickbooks and trialled this by sending a job to QB. It works well. It’s also possible to setup a trial account with Xero and I’ve been attempting to setup an API to do the same thing for that, but it’s a little more complex than using Zapier. :stuck_out_tongue: