Custom Airtable URL's

Is it possible within the Airtable UI to mask the sharable table view URL’s? For example, I want the read-only table view to look like it’s coming from our company rather than


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Hi, this should be possible using a ‘Branded Short Domain’ see

Thanks…I’ll take a look.

Can’t you just embed it on your own website?

The way we work with our partners, I want to send them the read-only link to a specific view of one of our tables and I’d like that URL to have our look and feel rather than from Airtable. So in this use-case we don’t have a website location to embed it.

I’m trying to do this also. I’ve tried embedding the form. However, the form malfunctions and does not look as clean once embedded. I’m currently trying to mask and forward a subdomain linked to the Airtable. However it keeps coming up as blank once I mask it. Does Airtable not allow masked forwarding of forms?

Does anyone know another way to create a custom url?

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trying to do the same thing, but the subdomain that we’ve linked to airtable keeps saying “airtable refuses to connect.” @DashiaBrooke, were you able to solve this issue?