Date a field status is changed

I am looking to create a formula that enters a date when the status of another field is changed


a field called “Job State” is changed to “sent to writer” and then the formula would fill in the date that action was made

I am then going to build a Zapier Zap to kick out a status update email to the client

You can use the “Last modified time” field type to capture the time a field is changed. However, if you change the “Job State” field again, then this field will change again. There’s no way to set it up to hold the date of a change to just a particular status option:

But you could potentially combine this with a Script block that works on a view filtered to show only records where “Job State” == “sent to writer” – the Script block could grab the value of the “Last modified time” field (which would be the time that the “Job State” field was changed to be “sent to writer”, ergo the View filter), and write it to a Date field called “Date Sent to Writer”.