Date Field Formula when One date is Blank


I am trying to show the summary of years members have participated in a non-profit.
There are five fields: Name, Active (checkbox), Date Joined, Date Left, Years of Membership

The table has both active and inactive members. I am using the time diff formula, however, for the members that are still active, the Date Left category returns NaN value.

Is there a way of calculating a Years of Membership for both active and inactive members in the same column?

Thank you!

What is your current formula?

You would essentially wrap it in an IF statement to come up with 2 different results.

Thank you for taking the time to respond!
Our code is: DATETIME_DIFF({Date Leaving},{Date Joined},‘years’)

Would it be possible for the IF statement be able to say blank = today’s date? That would allow an ongoing calculation and be extremely beneficial.

You can use this formula:

IF({Date Leaving}="",TODAY(),{Date Leaving}),
{Date Joined},

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