Date format hints and question on localized date formats for users

I noticed the date value provided is structured as M/D/YYYY. Is this consistent across all users? Or does this change depending on regions? ie. D/M/YYYY for EMEA Airtable users, M/D/YYYY for US Airtable users, etc.

This might be a new Feature Request, but it would be awesome if CellRenderer can provide an easy Field type toggle to generate more consistent “universal” dates. I would love to see something like YYYY-MM-DD being available.

Hi @Mixable,

The cell value returned when reading a date cell (via record.getCellValue('dateField')) will always be an ISO 8601 formatted date string (YYYY-MM-DD).

If you instead call record.getCellValueAsString(), it will return a date string with formatting dependent on the underlying field configuration. There are 5 supported date formats: local, friendly, ISO, US, and European. <CellRenderer /> respects the field configuration as well, and will render this formatted string.

This field option can be configured via the main Airtable UI (by double-clicking on the field name), or via custom blocks using the field.updateOptionsAsync metadata API.

For more information about expected cell formats & field options, you can check out the FieldType enum in the API docs here.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you @Billy_Littlefield!

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