DATEADD and/or DATETIME_FORMAT not able to be formatted as a date

Noob, sorry in advance. (also used to excel which I’m sure makes it even worse)

I created a column that takes a uniform date column (start date) and count column. Then a third column that has the following formula - DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD({Start Date},Count-1,‘DAYS’),‘MM/DD/YYYY’). It works well. BUT (there’s always a but) I’m not able to format it as a date, preventing me form being able to but it in a calendar.

My question is: is this antiquated thinking? Did I do something backwards? Or is it a limitation of Airtable that likely is saving me from a bigger problem? And, would anyone have a fix or better solution than the one I laid out?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

The DATETIME_FORMAT function converts your date object into a text string. In order to use the date in a calendar you need the date object, not the text string. So, remove the DATETIME_FORMAT part of your formula.

DATEADD({Start Date}, Count-1, 'DAYS')

Works perfectly! Thank you.

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