Deleting a Base by accident


Hi- having put all of my business data - a lot - into bases - and whilst deleting the templates that I used as part of that it occurred to me that it is very very easy to delete a base by mistake and that unlike Trello, it can’t be recovered.

Is there a way to ‘lock’ a base so that it can’t be deleted by accident - or some sort of back up without duplicating it all the time.



I’ve had this happen before and Airtable support was able to restore from my backup.

Here is a good article about backups in Airtable:


Hi and Welcome @Sian_Murphy,

Just to add to what @Mac wrote; please watch the various membership plans. On the free version, there’s only 2 weeks works of snapshots kept, while on the pro there’s a years worth. I suppose, at the end of the day, if support offers help with this, then it makes all this a mute point.