Display Field Data for Linked Record instead of Primary Key (AutoNumber)

I have tables set up with Autonumber as the primary key. It’s basically my version of a CRM. I have the Contacts linked to the Company records, but it displays the AutoNum instead of the Contact name. Is there a way to choose what displays when you link records?

I saw a previous topic that the recommendation was to have the AutoNum NOT be the primary key. Since there can be a number of Joe Smiths or JaneMillers in a given set of names (examples only), I’d prefer to keep the autonum to get a unique key. It would definitely be helpful to see ‘Jane Miller’ in the company record instead of ‘1’…

Hi @Shelley_Stephen_Voic,

For a linked record, the value that’s in the primary field will be used for the name of that record. I might recommend using the autonumber not as the primary field, and then using a formula in the primary field to combine both the autonumber and the contact name.

A formula you could use (adjusting to reflect your actual field names) is: {Autonumber Field} & " - " & {Name Field}. This will result in something like 12 - John Doe as the primary field name.

Let me know if that helps!

Thank you. I realized after reading another post that having an auto num field for an index is not necessary in AirTable, so I took mine out - simplified things!

Great Shelley, thanks for the heads up!