Display relationship of a relationship


I have 4 tables:

  1. Clients (list of clients)
  2. Websites (list of websites with a record link to a client many to one)
  3. Pages (list of pages with a record link to website many to one)
  4. Changes (list of changes to web pages with a record link to pages many to one)

If I view a Change record detail, I can see the page it’s associated with and the website that page is associated with. But is there a way of also getting the Client to display as well. Client isn’t a field on either Changes or Pages, but it’s certainly part of the relationship.

I guess there would need to be a way of adding Client to either the Changes or Pages table - but I’d want to do it automatically based upon the selection of a different record. For example, on the Pages table the Client is automatically selected based upon the website selected.

Is any of this possible?


Got it. Done through a series of Lookups. Love Airtable!