Does expandRecord() function exist for new entry creation?

I’ve been using the expandRecord() function call to provide a quick way to update content in my Block interface, but I would LOVE to use that flow for new data entry as well. Is that possible?

I’ve read through the documentation and example projects and I didn’t see this noted. And expandRecord() does currently require a record to be passed to it.

Hi Mixable,

You can use createRecordAsync to create an empty new record, wait for it to be created, and then open it using expandRecord.

@Jeremy_Oglesby and @Billy_Littlefield wrote about ways to implement this in a previous AMA: Jeremy’s response, Billy’s response.

Also, not sure if you’ve seen it (you mentioned documentation and example projects) but we do have a guide on writing back to Airtable.

Hope that helps!


Super helpful! Thank you for the pointers @Emma_Yeap

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