Due Date Formual Help!

I am trying to enter a date as a starting date, and enter a formula in the next field that adds 1 day (24 hours), which would be the due date for the task in the original field.
This formula is giving me the correct day and format, but is calculating the time to be 32 hours later (it’s adding 6 hours to the original time of day): DATEADD({In-Home Estimate Date and Time}, 1, ‘days’)

It seems like it should be so simple, what am I doing wrong?

Check to see if the “Use same Timezone for all users” option is checked in your formula field. If it is checked, try unchecking it and see if that fixes it. If it is not checked, then try checking it and see if that fixes it.

Airtable has some weird stuff going on under the hood sometimes with timezones across formula fields, and I usually find that some adjustment of that option amongst all the fields fixes the issue. Don’t know why or what the rhyme/reason is really.


Wow, that fixed it immediately. Thank you so much!!


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